Cleaning Services

Count on us to maintain the clean and professional appearance of your space.


Royal Housekeeping offers you the most efficient cleaning services tailored to your needs and budget for offices, deposits and commercial premises. Whether you need daily housekeeping at the office or cleaning after a refurbishment of your commercial space, we have the solution.

Cleaning service team working in office


An efficient general cleaning is more durable than regular, daily or weekly cleaning.
Our team will deal with even the smallest details, with modern and efficient equipment and qualified personnel, from floor to ceiling.


We sweep and mechanically wash with automatic washing and drying machine hard floors (helicopterized concrete, tiles, epoxy, resinized, marble, mosaic, PVC, etc.)
Using modern equipment and solutions that can remove traces of fuel (petrol, diesel, oil) or other substances that can give an unpleasant whiff to the air, we restore the freshness of these locations.